Trainers Wanted!

Trainers Wanted!

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Location: Seattle, Washington


Fittraction is a fitness accountability tool, built from the desire to solve the problems in the personal training industry. Fittraction’s goal is to make effective, consistent personal training available to everyone. Fittraction allows trainers to monetize their ability to provide motivation and accountability, independent of in-person training sessions. This lowers the barrier for prospective clients to start paying for training services, opening up the market.
As a former personal trainer, founder Ian Turner struggled with attracting and maintaining a steady clientele, and his clients struggled to afford his services consistently. After Ian went back to school at the University of Washington to study computer science, he used his skills to develop an application that allowed trainers to scale their businesses to new markets. Through the help of the Foster School of Business and the Paul Allen School of Computer Science, Ian was able to develop and test his product and business. After a successful beta at a local health club, Fittraction is ready to help connect personal trainers and prospective clients.


Fittraction is seeking entrepreneurial-minded personal trainers looking to increase their earning potential beyond increased hourly rates and the number of training sessions. If you are collaborative, a self-starter, and want to be part of the fitness revolution, this is the opportunity for you. Fittraction has validation in the health club space, increasing gym usage of users by over 200%, and in the freelance training space. We are seeking trainers with some professional experience (1-3 years) that are hungry to take their fitness careers to the next level.


  • Hungry, yet established: Our ideal trainer has some clientele and is able to make a steady income on personal training. He/she may have a second job, but is working on building a career in fitness. The trainer is eager to find new opportunities to market themselves to prospective clients.
  • Forward thinking, yet old school: Our ideal trainer is a good people person, realizes that in-person accountability is one of the leading factors for success, and excels in establishing rapport with clients. The trainer also realizes that technology has a role to play in the future of the training industry, and has not closed their minds into thinking that things “will always work the way they’ve worked”.
  • Tech savvy, yet personal: Our ideal trainer has a basic understanding of social media (understands its importance, not necessarily has run large campaigns before), mobile applications, and digital etiquette. At the same time, they understand the importance of 1:1 connection via both in-person and direct messaging
  • Entrepreneurial: Trainer is looking for ways to increase their earning potential outside of just higher rates and more training sessions. Experience in experimenting in online fitness programs, Instagram fitness, selling pdf workouts, online groups, etc, are a plus.


  • Provide in-person training at Fittraction boot camps
  • Build custom workouts for prospective and current clients on the Fittraction application
  • Engage with clients on the application to insight accountability and motivation
  • Work with clients to build cost-effective training routines, combining online app-based workout content with in-person training.
  • Optionally give “tech talks” on different fitness and wellness concepts to prospective clients


  • Personal Training Certificate
  • Minimum 1-3 years of experience
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Self-starter, eager to engage with startup founders to improve application and business (opportunities for equity stake available)

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