It’s Fitness Reimagined

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It’s Fitness Reimagined at Lake Union Park!

Are you ready Seattle?

Fitness Reimagined by Fittraction is an exclusive opportunity to get in a great workout with friends and neighbors and connect with like-minded fitness enthusiasts across all stages of their fitness journey. Fitness Reimagined will also offer more than any group exercise class has before, before, during, and after the event.

Fitness Reimagined is the only community workout where you:


Will be paired with a personal trainer beforehand, based on a free phone consultation with the Fittraction team.

You will have a custom, tailor-made exercise routine preconfigured for you before you show up


Break from our collective starter workout into small groups sections, where you work directly with your trainer, 1 on 1, on your custom exercises.


Leave with a 2-week exercise program, programmed by your trainer specifically for you, loaded into the Fittraction application.


Get 24/7 access to your trainer, via the Fittraction Application, for feedback, accountability, motivation, and knowledge on your new routine.

“What can I expect at the event?”

Fitness Reimagined will include heart-pumping group exercise, engaging 1:1 breakout sessions with a personal trainer, intention setting cooldowns, goal setting workshops, and community engagement opportunities. Heres how it will all break down.


10:00 am: Show up and get signed in

Come down to Lake Union and meet your neighbors. This is a perfect opportunity to get settled in, chat with other members, and connect with your new trainer ahead of the workout.


10:05 am: Introduction

We will huddle in for a quick intro of Fittraction. We will introduce the Fittraction team and discuss how we can achieve MORE by working together.


10:20 am: Community Stretch and Warm Up!

Let’s get moving! Get things started with a heart-pumping bodyweight workout routine lead by the Fittraction Trainers.


10:50 am: Break out with your trainer!

Now its time to break into small groups with your trainer. Each one of you will have an individualized workout designed by your trainer just for you. Work with them to get in-depth into form and function while pushing your limits and learning something new!


11:15 pm: Bring it in, cool down.

Getting a killer workout is great, but true wellness starts with a healthy state of mind and a proper perspective. We will end our workout session with a group cool down, lead by a Fittraction trainer.


Limit Tickets Available

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