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Form First Fosters Fitter Figures

Say that three times fast.

Do you want to add some incentive to your health and fitness plans? Do you want to learn basic techniques that no matter your age group, if properly applied, would benefit your lifestyle change forever?

Do you want to train with me for 2 months, for under $15 per workout? Do you want around-the-clock support to go with a tailor-made workout routine that we GUARANTEE you will stick too? Has a trainer been that missing link for you to reach your health and fitness goals?

My workout program is for…

  • People who prefer structure and accountability alerts.
  • Those looking to effectively tone and strengthen up with measurable results.
  • Seekers of mindful flexibility, those wanting to maximize their proprioception.
  • The average person seeking noticeable improvement in their fitness.
  • Weight resistance enthusiasts who want to know they’re hitting it right.

My exercise suggestions are structured to target muscle groups, heart rates, and to transcend plateaus. With the mobile connection FitTraction offers, there is an instant accountability and direct connection to all of our resources, including the personal trainers, of which I am one.

With a set exercise regimen, an established starting foundation – hitting the essentials and basics –  applying a measurable muscle/fitness plan, you and I will focus on watching and logging attainable and reproducible goals, namely your ongoing adherence to your health inside and out of your workouts.

A vibrant heart along with good breathing capacity, especially those that perform well under stress and challenges presented beyond comfort, is not to be taken for granted. These are core elements, foundations to good  and sustained health, the determinant factors between a high quality life and chronic conditions leading to an unpleasant, often slow death.  With tried and true methods to scientifically gauge your progress, my exercise suggestions, if adhered to, will help you smoothly reach that zone you’re seeking.

For those a few steps above just wanting to tone their physiques, I offer tailor-made routines for all experience levels. My hardcore level of exercise suggestions can get you to a level of fitness competition. As I am more versed in hard core bodybuilding for men, this level I do not offer to my female clients with the same confidence. I do feel I could offer some benefits to any woman wanting to reach a competition level. At the same time, being male, improving upon the male aesthetic is more intuitive to me and my expertise offer more value. This level of training would entail more involvement on my part, ensuring strict form and spotting techniques are being observed, and if necessary, pose coaching.

My workout program is NOT for…

  • Cigarette smokers
  • Anyone with pre-existing health conditions
  • Those currently undergoing physical therapy
  • People who require constant supervision

What Lex Luthor is to Superman cigarettes are to the cardio vascular system.  It may not be immediate, but Lex is out to get the last boy scout.  Given all of the information there is on cigarettes and its disastrous affects in the long run, I think that it’s probably a better idea for you to, by all means, dedicate more focus on quitting smoking.  I don’t know the success rate for quitting, but there were some astonishing stats that I did discover while researching it (see link).  The analogy for me is it being equivalent to shoveling the driveway while it’s still snowing. Whimsically, it would be a greater workout at first, but ultimately (…and probably quickly) the snow storm would win.  Maybe not the best analogy, but I think you get the gist.

Seriously looking into getting help to stop smoking? <– resources

If you’ve been sedentary for the past year, haven’t been to a gym, engaged in any sporting activity, or taken on any regular exercise routines, then I would highly recommend, before you take on any health/fitness regimen, that you take a trip to a physician for a basic checkup. There could be some heretofore unnoticed physical issues that could be aggravated with moderate to vigorous exercise.

So, play it safe.

If you have known issues, my workout suggestions may not be for you. A dedicated physical therapist, one specializing in your condition should be your focus at this juncture in time, or a personal coach well-versed and experienced with that.

Remember: You want to build your body off of the strongest foundations, like you would your house. This is a program to help you fortify your base of knowledge and growing skill:

  • Mobile Connection with your trainer
  • Change focus from body weight to body measurements
  • Improve your flow of action and body awareness
  • Increase level of endurance and breathing capacity
  • Evolve into your proper form through strict biomechanical execution
  • Time and Accountability

What are two common reasons for not working out on any given day?

My name is Damen Smith-Draeko and, with my 30+ years of experience, I am offering a path of accountability and confidence to your health and fitness regimen.

I think most everyone can relate to wanting good health. We all want to be fit and, even in the most subtle of ways, would like to feel more attractive, even if only to ourselves. One thing I’ve observed throughout life. You can be as attractive and as wealthy as all get out, but if you’re not in good health, then looks and money mean next to nothing.  Working out regularly may not guarantee perfectly good health, but the statistics behind it, and more than 50 years of research substantiating it, strongly suggests that having good health really helps.

In fact, doing a little exercise every day is exponentially better than doing none.

I would bet that most of you already know that. But did you know that it’s the failure to adhere to a steady routine that sends most people off the track of their health and fitness goals? “More than 50% of people who start a new fitness program will drop out within the first six months. (Dishman 1988)” – American Council on Exercise – Principles of Adherence and Motivation.

FitTraction was conceived with this lack of adherence statistic in mind.  With daily alerts, and a direct communication to your trainer, that encouragement, the little boost that so many of us need to get us in the doorway of our gyms or workout rooms is there at a push of a button.

Think of us as a Jiminy Cricket to your Pinocchio, getting you to do what’s right, getting that workout done.

There a bazillion exercises out there, a megaton of workout routines and philosophies, all of which would elicit positive adaptations to your figure or physique. It’s a scientific fact, that if you work out, your body will adapt. I’m not going to show you any new exercises that haven’t been created yet. I doubt that’s possible at this point, since there is probably a workout for every moving part of the body. My mission is to get you to do your workout, ensure that you are executing the biomechanics (exercise techniques) correctly and safely (with minimal supervision), and to impress upon you the sheer importance of maintaining this not as a fad to have just some great beach body for Spring Break or a (fre-nemy’s) wedding, or for your ten year high school reunion, but as a permanent lifestyle choice that will transcend mere seasonal motivations.

As far as time to work out?

We make time.

If you have time to prepare a meal, watch your favorite television program,  walk to the pot shop, make time to brush your teeth, to take a shower, or to walk the dog, there is time to dedicate to minimal fitness goals.

That’s 20 to 30 minutes a day out of your life, to add more quality to a lengthened and more fulfilling life.

How could that not be a win?

Damen has worked in the industry for 30+ years, having trained clients and group fitness at Jack La Lannes Health Spa (Madison Avenue NYC), Gold’s Gym (Capitol Hill- Seattle) and USAF Tech School. A practitioner of Hatha and Ashstanga Yoga, his approach to health and fitness is the philosophy of Sound Mind and Body.

Good breath plus Good form equates Good health.

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