Ready to hit your fitness goals despite a busy schedule?

Does your daily grind leave you wanting more community and connection?

Tired of overpaying for the boring gym & can use a refreshing way to regain balance in your mind, body & soul?

Fittraction is Wellness Reimagined

Fittraction connects individuals with local health professionals to give our local community a way to stay physically active and have the proper support.

Real Local Trainers

Connect with a trainer in your area, get custom programming for every workout, and recieve real time feedback, motivation and accountability. On-call coaches are no longer just for the rich and famous!

Real Results

Being active just a few times a week benefits long term health. Many people list motivation and lack of accountability as reasons they don’t work out. Use FitTraction to help build healthy habits and see the results.

Actually Affordable

Get ongoing and consistent access to trainers at a price that is affordable long term, unlike those expensive training packages at your gym. Spend just dollars a day instead of thousands a month.

Connect with a trainer today!

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Take Your Trainer Everywhere

With FitTraction, you will be connected with a trainer, in your community, who will set you up with with a workout routine. You will have access to your trainer for more content, feedback, accountability, and motivation.

Real People

You aren’t just getting a workout tracker. You are connected with a real person in your community. Your training advisor is there to provide you with content, feedback, and accountability.

Real Progress

Your trainer has 24/7 access to your workout log. They can see when you improve, when you struggle, and when you have questions. They will also be notified when you complete your workouts, and when you are in danger of MISSING THEM!

Always have a plan.

Attend a Session!

Your trainer is always with you!

Get Connected with a Trainer!

Never feel lost.

Get More Info!

Log What You Want

Not everyone likes logging every detail. With FitTraction, if you just want to use each workout as a guideline and log nothing, that’s fine! Each workout comes with instructions, notes from your trainer, and a video showing how to perform the movement. If you want to log every set and rep, how far you got on your “until failure” sets, and how many pounds/kilograms/plates you lifted, do that too! We accommodate all levels of detail with your workout logging.

FitTraction gets you real results by connecting you with real people for real accountability.

“I have consistently attended the gym 3 days per week… and feel more empowered while at the gym because I have the resource of a trainer to continue to push me…

… Using FitTraction has helped me build the habit of consistent gym attendance. I have learned that I am happier when I prioritize my health and quit making excuses of why I don’t need to go… …I have expanded my knowledge of ways to be better at the gym that I never would have discovered alone. I don’t need a trainer physically by me to experience all of the benefits of having one, because through the app, I have the trainer in all of the important moments I need one.”
Stephanie E
Full Story

“I had a plan! I had accountability and someone I felt would partner with me to get me back on track…

…I feel more confident about working out on my own. I know I have access to my trainer, the videos and the routines. The accountability is also a huge factor for me to keep me motivated… …I see how easy it is to get into a routine again. I know how to work it into my day which is already busy with work, commuting, and my family and kids… …I am already seeing a difference. I am glad that I made the connection and I want to keep using the app forever!”
Christina H